Name Governor Type
John Organ IEB Chair
Neil Campbell IEB Member
Peter Lamble IEB Member

The Department for Education in London established an independent Interim Executive Board (IEB) on 1 December 2017 to govern the school for the immediate future, replacing the previous Governing Body.

Like any school governing body, the IEB is responsible for the strategic oversight of the school, including the management of the budget, the curriculum, staffing, pay and performance management.  The IEB’s main function is to secure a sound basis for future improvement in the school, including the promotion of high standards of educational achievement.  The Department for Education has stated that it expects the IEB to actively consider options for the school to become an academy, to safeguard the long-term future of the school, and the IEB will be closely involved in this process.

There are three members of the IEB, all of whom have extensive experience in school governance:

  • John Organ: Previously a senior RAF officer, who specialised in disaster response, crisis management and institution building with the EU and UN in Africa.  Also previously the Head of Governance for the Broads Authority.  He is a Trustee of a local Academy Chain, the Vice-Chair of Governors at two Norfolk schools and has served on previous IEBs.
  • Neil Campbell: An Adviser for the Intervention and Inspection Team (Norfolk Children’s Services).  He is an experienced adviser with particular strength in school leadership, teaching and learning.  He has extensive experience in Improvement Board (including Winterton) and IEB activity and is a Governor at a Norfolk infant school.
  • Peter Lamble: A qualified accountant by background, who previously was Chairman and CEO of Start-rite children’s shoes in Norwich.  A school Governor since 1993, he is now a National Leader of Governance appointed by the Local Authority to the Governing Boards of several local primary schools.  He is also a Trustee of a local Academy Chain and Chair of the Local Governing Board of a Norwich primary school.

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IEB minutes meeting 17


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