Name        Governor Type Office End of Appointment
Mrs Michaela Woods Parent Chair  27/02/2018
Mrs Anne Child Partnership Governor  06/07/2019
Mrs Tracy Bolch Co-opted Governor  06/12/2018
Mrs Emma Punchard Co-opted Governor  08/07/2020
Mrs Melanie Bramwell Acting Head Governor  06/12/2018
Mr Martin Fleming Co-Opted Governor  20/09/2020
Mrs Corallie Murray Local Authority Governor 11/04/2021
Justine Petersen Non Governor  Clerk


Resources Curriculum Personnel
Mrs Bolch Mrs Child Mrs Woods
Mrs Bramwell Mrs Bramwell Mrs Child (Chair of Committee)
Mrs Woods (Chair of Committee) Mrs Punchard (Chair of Committee) Mrs Bramwell
Mrs Murray Mr Fleming Mr Fleming
Mrs Woods


Governing Board Health Check

Winterton Norfolk Governance Statement Model Updated July 2017 

Summary of Governors interests 2016.2017

Governing Board constitution 2016.2017

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Previous governors in the last 12 months