Please note all of the current Consortium Multi Academy Trust polices can be found on their website

General Policies


CMAT – Attendance policy COVID-19 Addendum

CMAT Accessibility Plan – December 2019

CMAT Admissions Policy v4

CMAT complaints policy-november2018v2

CMAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy – April 2019 (1)

CMAT COVID19 Addendum Safeguarding Policy Winterton – April 2020

CMAT online safety policy-december2016

CMAT health safety policy-december2018v2(1)

CMAT Behaviour and Inclusion Policy 2019

CMAT Anti Bulling Policy 2019

CMAT GDPR policy 050418(2)

CMAT Freedom of Information Policy September2017

CMAT Relationship, Sex and Health Education Policy V2

CMAT Intimate Care Policy 2019

CMAT Collective Worship policy October2016

CMAT Food & Active Lifestyle Policy v2 (1)

CMAT educational visits charging and remissions policy oct2018v2(1)

CMAT Single Equality Scheme Policy – December 2019

Winterton Single Equality Scheme Action Plan – 2019/2020

CMAT Whistleblowing Policy – mar2018v2

Winterton Early Education Policy

CMAT Nursery Fees and Funding

Bereavement Policies

CMAT – Bereavement Protocol – April 2020

At time of Bereavement Booklet

Managing Anxiety

Supporting Children with Bereavement during COVID -19 Situation


CMAT Homework Policy 2019

Art and Design Policy Summer 2017

Assessment A15

Computing Policy Summer 2017

Curriculum Monitoring Policy Summer 2017

English Policy Summer 2017

Geography Policy Summer 2017

History Policy Summer 2017

Languages Policy Summer 2017

Marking Policy Autumn 2017

Mathematics Policy Summer 2017

Music Policy Summer 2017

Physical Education Policy Summer 2017

RE Policy Summer 2017

Science Policy Summer 2017