Admission to school

As part of the Central Team, the Trust offers a full-time Head of Service responsible for the Welfare, Inclusion, Safeguarding & Attendance of our pupils, who provides support and guidance to schools and families in raising attendance.

For assistance and support please contact: Nigel Shaddick, Head of Service – Welfare, Inclusion, Safeguarding and Attendance (WISA) at:

Our Academy Schools receive and decide on ‘In-year’ Admissions Applications, so please contact them in the first instance.

In Year Admissions Guidance:

Since September 2013, academies and free schools are able to accept in-year admission applications directly from parents. An in-year admission application is one that is made outside of the normal time of transfer between schools, for example when a family moves house part way through a school year. Local authorities are still required to co-ordinate admission applications in the normal admissions round at the beginning of primary and the transition to secondary school.


CMAT Admissions Policy v4