All children in school are put into one of four houses when they begin at Winterton. Siblings go into the same house.

The houses are named after the four Norfolk wherries; Hathor, Albion, Ardea and Solace. Children may earn points for their house during the week through outstanding contributions in different areas of school life, such as achievement, behaviour or general contributions. These points are totalled each Friday by the prefects and the running totals are announced in parents’ assembly.

At the end of the year, the team with the most house points is presented with the House Cup at the Leavers’ Assembly. There is also a Sports Day Cup to compete for in the summer term.

We believe that belonging to a house within the school helps children to support and encourage each other in their daily life at school and develops the children’s understanding of their individual and collective responsibilities and an appreciation of others.


Current Standings

SOLACE   180

ARDEA   193

HATHOR   178