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Winterton Primary School & Nursery

About Us

There has been a school in Winterton since 1845 when a National School was built but it wasn’t until 1875 a School Board was formed serving the villages of Winterton and Somerton. In 1877 the school building was extended forming the traditional Victorian school which can still be seen today. It consisted of two school rooms with a teacher’s house attached.


In recent years our school has been extended from a First School to a Primary School with a maintained Nursery Class. Building work in 2007 saw the school developed to the facilities there are today. The old school building can be found as a base for our Shark Class with the newer buildings housing our younger children.

The school’s catchment area are the villages of Winterton and West Somerton, although a high proportion of our pupils come from further afield because parents have expressed their preference to have their children educated at the school.

On 1st January 2019 the school joined the Consortium Multi Academy Trust and looks forward to an exciting future within the Consortium family of schools. You can find out more about the Trust and its schools on their website at